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Hi, I am Trong Dinh

Trong Dinh

VP of Engineering at Tokoin

I’m a peaceful person who falls in love with blockchain technology. I always believe open source is the best way to make the application better. That’s why all my projects are available on Github.

Time Management
Product Development
Team Work


Vice President of Engineering

Oct 2019 - Present, Jarkata, Indonesia

TOKOIN, a technology company which aims to provide solutions to local government and companies needs through blockchain technology. Bringing together a unique group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skills to shape the BIT (Blockchain Innovative Thinker) family and community today and move forward towards the future.

  • Work closely with BOD to decide the strategy for all products.
  • Involve in development process.
  • Manage all technical teams. Have a chance to work with local and global engineers.

Chief Technology Officer
Space SIP

August 2021 - Present, HCM, Viet Nam

Space SIP is an NFT game which is to focuses on easy to play.

  • Join developing smart contract, and lead blockchain team.
  • Work closely with backend team to define the infrastructure to make sure scalable and secure.


Jun 2015 - April 2019, New York, USA

Autonomous has been driven by technological innovation since its inception in 2015. From a small group of engineers specializing in both software and hardware,

Chief Technology Officer

Jun 2017 - April 2019

  • Build a stable coin product, called
  • Build a prediction market, called ninja prediction.
  • Begin to research and develop blockchain products. The first prototype is handshake app which is to aim to replace docusign.
Technical Lead

Jun 2015 - Jun 2017

  • Develop robot OS that was written in Go, called brain OS.
  • Build smart desk AI, control the standing desk by using voice.
  • Build personal robot that was funded 1 million dollars on Kickstarter.